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The Year 2009 is entering with us looking for a LARGER location as we ran out of room. Your support is great, but as always there are more animals in need than people knowing of our availability.

To many people do not know how so very many animals are in need of medical care and assisatance WITH their families.

Let the Year 2009 start by spreading the word, Help give the much needed Contrabutions.

And We Thank Those, No Contrabution is ever to small.

Our Goal This Year is to Locate a Larger Facility,

With Your Help We Can.

The year 2008 we successfully helped many animals from not just dogs and cats but the many over looked animals in need. We helped horses, lamas, pigs, rabbits, turtles, and even snakes.

We take great pride in serving all animals and spreading the word that all animals sold in pet stores or privately are more than just cats and dogs. Their are health care needs and more, their are many animals bought as pets with the family realizing later they have no idea how to care for the type of animal they purchased as a pet. Their also are many animals other than cats and dogs that are in need of routine medical updates and health checks.

Your Donations Will Help or 2009 Goals