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Guestbook For HHPC - services for animals starts at home

Thanks for visiting my site. Please leave your comments by signing my guestbook. Click here to view entries.

If you are a trainer, animal behavior specialist, veternarian, or wildlife management consultant, or even a groomer. Please leave us your contact information to add to our referral list. We are interested in specialized work with animals and would like to help let the community aware of your services.This guestbook allows visitors to leave their comments or other information, which can then be viewed and added to by other visitors. Helping Hooves, Paws, & Claws will us the information to help our new organization direct their attention to the communities most need services. We are focused on helping people with animals in need for medical care, houseing, in home care when you are sick or foster care if you are in the hospital. We believe keeping families together includes their pets. We all have hard times, if your animals are going thru hard times too call us and see if we can help.

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