About "Helping Hooves, Paws, & Claws"

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Our Mission "Keep Them Home"

An Animal Welfare Program as a 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization focused on community responsivenes to animal care, education, and compassion for companion animals, exotic pets, and wildlife. By helping animals in their original homes and assisting in health care we will reduce the animals euthanized and placed in sheters and up for adoption.

Program Introduction

Our comprehensive animal program focuses on an animal’s life with compassion. We go to great lengths to keep animals out of shelters and rescue programs by responding to thousands of calls from people seeking advice about animals and problems. Thanks to the participation of many local veternarians, volunteers, and supporting donors we may be able to offer an alternatives to those in need. Each year thousands of children and adults learn to respect and understand animal’s thorough educational programs. Presentations and facility tours are available throughout the year. Our twenty four hour animal assistance help ensures animals receive needed care both domestic, exotic pets, or wildlife. Sponsor events each year for animal lovers. Including pet photos as just an example. Donations, your tax deductions, contributions help fund our program and services to the wellbeing and help for animals and people together in your community. Pet Trust Funds, including the care for your animals in your will. Volunteer programs, the program depends on hundreds of volunteers to help us with everything from walking dogs to transporting animals to the veternarions for those unable, to running special events, and being foster animal parents. 

Our referral list of special people and other organizations in our area that include veternarians, training specialist, animal behavior specialist for domestic and wildlife, specialist in wildlife management, and our needed shelter and containment professionals for both indoor and outdoor animal needs.

Our Fund Programs

Feed Fund (dogs,cats,birds,horses,fish,reptiles,etc)

Veterinarian Fund

In-Home Care Fund

Foster Pet Care Fund

Trust Funds (maintain your pet's life style after your gone)

And More

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Helping Hooves, Paws, & Claws is a newly founded nonprofit organization with pending statues for approval on filings